Radiant Child Yoga

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Children are inherently wise, radiant, and joyful. But, passing through the age of adolescence can bring much self-doubt, self-sabotage and negative emotions, due to the increasing changes and challenges the teens have to coop with.

Whether this relates to body stiffness due to sedentary school and study time, or to anxiety due to stress and peer pressure in school, or to insomnia caused by too much time spent on digital devices at home; through yoga, awareness, and love, we can help teens maintain or recover their innate connection to who they truly are while taking care for their health in a most natural way.

We announce Radiant Child Yoga® for teens, a specially teens-friendly approach to yoga, designed by a Montessori and a Kundalini teacher Shakta Khalsa. Its motto is simple: Keep it fun and keep it yoga! Its benefits are immense: children play, make friends, share love and joy, release stress and tensions, improve their postures, attention, concentration and balance.

Classes will start after the Easter vacations and they are scheduled on Tuesdays from 17:30 to 18:30. The classes will be given in English with support in French if needed. The first class on 18 April will be free.

Regular Courses Hours: Thursday from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. P.A.F.: 7 to 10 euros per course following the chosen engagement. Essay: the first course on 18 april.

Location, Lasne, 16, rue Bois Paris Info. Insc.: ATLANTIDE 02.633.12.66.

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